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Default Request a revised action for "Make Hole"


"Make Hole" is very useful - I use it alot. But I have found that each time I use it, the very next step is to do something with the resulting hole. Which means that I have to collect all of the vertices before doing the next step - move, scale, create convex surface, etc. There can be many vertices if you select many surfaces and sometimes the vertices are difficult to isolate for selection.

I would like to suggest, for the next revision of AC3D, that the default action of "Make Hole" would be to switch to "vertex mode" and select all of the new hole(s) vertices automatically.

I have played with this idea on many shapes, in every case I have found that "hole vertex selection" would be a natural flow of modeling -

"make a hole - then - do something with it/them"

Everyone, try it on several shapes and multiple surfaces, let me know what you think.


Here is example of the idea:

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