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Default Re: Double rows of vertices?

Originally Posted by Andy View Post
You have a few lines in there. When you extrude a shape from a profile, it's probably best to use on/off/on for the settings and then press delete when you've finished extruding to remove the original profile shape.
Thanks for your reply Could you please elaborate on the on/off/on settings? I just checked and failed to find any relevant settings. I would have hoped there was a way to fix this without doing it all over.

"Extrude" and "extrude along a path" ought to be pretty straightforward. That is, I'd expect no redundant edge trimming unless I really ask for it.

I'll keep experimenting



This fixed my double lines that come out as white trimming in the final model:
Click "poly" (lower left panel) and click "surface type" and the redundant lines are gone.

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