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Default Plugins not loading?


I'm having a bit of trouble I hope y'all can help out with.

I'm checking out AC3D as a simple, straight-forward modeling solution for creating real-time environments, without all the bells and whistles that would do little more than clutter the interface for me. So far, AC3D looks great :-).

Also, I believe that a boolean/CSG function would help immensely in this regard.

So, I downloaded the plugin pack for Windows, unzipped everything into the AC3D plugins folder as instructed... Started up AC3D, and nothing, that I can tell, is showing up.

I did a search through the forums for this issue, but no one else seems to have reported it, so I'm somehow doing something wrong?

Specifically.. I went into the Tools menu to find the Boolean operator function as explained in another thread.. but it wasn't listed there. Nothing about Booleans, nothing about CSG. What could I possibly be doing wrong?

Thanks :-)
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