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Default Re: Plugins not loading?

A ha! That's what I was thinking, but I wasn't sure.
Yeah, I'm using the trial version...That explains it :-)

In any case, I do have a question or three about the CSG operations... (since I can't try it out for myself yet)...

Does this work similarly to UnrealEd? In my opinion, UEd is the only editor I've used that got it "right" with creating geometry for real-time 3D... the whole "carving out of a solid" method, rather than "building from nothing" that most editors use... 1 subtraction operation, versus as many as 6 or maybe more to create a room and so on.

Does CSG editing in AC3D work similarly? If so.. or at least in a similar manner.. I'm sold! :-)

A second question (okay.. I guess it's a question or two)... I did a search for this and found one other thread discussing it, where someone was going to try and provide the file format for Torque's map and/or geometry format.. Unfortunately, it didn't seem to go anywhere after that. However, I'm curious if that discussion/development ever went any farther? Are any such plug-ins yet available?

THanks again!
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