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Default So, if I was to...

probably no one remembers me, but, a while ago I wrote some plugins, SetParent, SetCenter and a PovRay export that simulated skeletal animation, sadly I've lost the code for those .

Nowadays, I dont play around at all with AC3D mostly due to the lack of skeletal or ANY kind of animation support for that matter.
I recently found out a new version is out there, and that I have to pay for the upgrade :shock: , but still no trace of animation support :cry:

Anyway, I need a GOOD reason to upgrade, so I was thinking, is Animation being worked as of today? if not, would anyone be interested on a set of plugins for this particular? If I was to develop said pack of plugins would I be able to charge some money for that? how many people would pay for it? what would you guys think is a good asking price? $20, $15? $10?

Thank you for your help and feedback :wink:
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