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Default Re: So, if I was to...

Of course!
you made some valid points there, which is why I am even asking,
If there is no demand, why code it? I have also registered Milkshape3d, so coding them just for me to use is something I can avoid.

Coding them and releasing them for free I would consider if the work to be done was trivial or easy to implement (after all, there is a reason why ac3d is at version 4.0 and still no skeletal animation support) or if AC3D was GNU, free or open source (I am also an open source developer aedGUI, so I dont mind contributing to such projects), but thats not the case, so, to me it makes sence to me to get something in exchange.

Charging $10 sounds good to me, I mean, it beats the hell out of buying MilkShape for $25 just to use the skeletal animation support.
The royalty part, well, of course I rather not pay it, after all, I did had to register and would have to pay for the upgrade, but then again, if I had to pay, I dont mind, but I would like to make a profit

Then of course ALL that is just random babble, if there is no real interest.

Thank you for your reply.


PS: I see Ac3d now supports Md2 files, how does it handle the animation?
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