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Default Team Biohazard needs modelers

Hello all,

We are from Team Biohazard and we need modelers who are willing to participate to our team. we are currently working on a game called banned

* Screenshots *

* Story *

You are a experiment from the government. after the economy collapse the company which is supported by the government goes broke and can not longer provide you as a "Experiment". You are put in a jail and the project is forgotten. you want revenge, and that is what you get! you will fight trough more then 15 levels to go to the secret base which kept you away. you as super soldier will free your self.

* What we need: *

What we need is a several good modelers who are able to deliver good work. in Direct X format. and which contain textures. we are working on a direct X10 quality game so we need Good models and media.

* Budget *

N/A we need volunteers who want to participate because they think it's fun to model

* Info *

More info could be provided / delivered
Just leave us a message

We hope you will join us!

Team Biohazard

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