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Default Selecting faces and Extruding

Hello all..

I tried searching the forums for this, but couldn't nail down any results that answer my questions..

I'm a sort of returning user to AC3D... I'd tried it in the past, but for some reason (I forget now) didn't continue to use it.. In any case, I've come back to it and love the intuitiveness of how it works.. really quick and easy to create the kind of objects I need (low-poly for a game)..

However, there are two key things I'm running into that seem odd to me.

1. The surface select tool seems to have a mind of its own. I created the basis for a wall.. a 3x3 rectangular box, basically. I tried to select the top 3 faces, from the top view, to bevel them. For some reason, it selected the top left-most and right-most faces fine.. but would select the bottom middle face, as though the top face wasn't there. I tried turning off "select backfaces" - didn't make a difference. I tried changing to the bottom view and voila, I could now select the *top* middle face.. from the bottom view.. but I couldn't select it from the top view, no matter what I did.. I'm gonna say that's gotta be a bug, because it's completely inconsistent with the normal behavior. I can select two top faces fine... but not a third?

2. Extruding seems to selectively retain hidden faces. I extruded a few different surfaces in creating the basis for the same wall described above.. For some reason, two of the surfaces retained the face I originally selected to extrude, leaving a "hidden" face in the geometry. Other surfaces I extruded from did not do this. Again.. a wierd glitch in the functionality..

If someone could explain to me how this is happening and, perhaps, how to get around or avoid it.. I'd appreciate it! I'm loving everything else about the program so far, just need to figure out those two issues...

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