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Hello wsimike,

I've experienced something like that and I think I've understood the cause.

When you want to select a surface, it should be correctly faced toward you. If happens that you select a surface behind the one you want, I bet it's because you have built that surface with the poly tool - that is, clicking each vertex with the mouse.

If that is the case, you should pay attention on how you design the shape.

If you watch the tutorial about how to build a car, you may notice that the car shape is designed from right to left.

I mean, if you draw a box from left to right - that is, vertex clockwise - you do see a surface later, but it's facing wrong !

Each surface should be drawn anticlockwise, so it will face correctly, and will be also correctly selected from the active view.

For the extruding question, it's the same topic. When you extrude, say from the front view, you'll notice that if you drag the mouse to the right, the extruding block becomes black, while if you drag to the left, that block is drawn in grey. For me, the gray one is the one which 'works' - that is, the surface selection is fine with each ortographic view.

Hope it helps,
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