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Question Exporting problems (AC3D to Maxwell)

Hi there

I have some serious exporting problems, when using AC3D.

When I export in 3ds format, the surfaces seem to loose smoothing, and I'm unable to reconstruct this in my render engine, Maxwell Render, it always creates a "seam", which is annoying.

Then I try exporting in obj format. This method seems to have some problems with the group settings. I have seen the other threads in this forum, but there doesn't seem to be any fair solution to these issues. I think it's unacceptable that AC3D is unable to export, let's say, two spheres into two separate objects in an obj file. I don't get why it has to combine them into groups. It really makes this export option unusable.

Then there's dxf format. This format seems to insist on flipping one or several of the axis. Does anyone have any experience with this?

In general I'm asking for help with making AC3D work smoothly with Maxwell.

In advance, big thanks...

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