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Default Re: Understanding materials?

Emission was the issue - I'd tinkered the prefs file to 0.5. Now reverted. I've never been into "edit material" before so that's a good find for me. Is there a place to set default transparency? I haven't found it, in the GUI or in prefs. In AC3D tranparency 0 = visible. In Daz Studio transparency 0 = invisible. It's been a (very minor) bugbear that all I import into Sudio are invisible until I tinker their surfaces.

The objects in the screenshot are a mix of imported .objs (some originally made in AC3D) and AC3D primatives. The green, orange, yellow and red are primatives manipulated. The brown (looks pink) and the black (wheel tyres, looks light grey) are imports. The frame that looks OK was an import that never had a material set.

A quick "thank you, thank you, thank you" for the "export selected" function. Massively simplifies and makes less error prone my workflow.

Cheers. Lx

And maybe the problem in the first place was emissive too high. It seems to fully wash out all colours when set near 1.

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