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Default Re: What are people developing with the SDK?

I know there are lots of developers using the SDK to develop their own plugins. Many of these are in companies where they are developing code that uses their own private format files or code.

People tend to host their own plugins and then send me a link which I add on the resources page. I've made a forum on here so that people can post announcements of plugins (or anything else).

Due the the way the latest Undo mechanism works, please don't use the surface filter stuff that was in 3.6. This will be removed in the next release. As far as I know, no one has ever used surface-filters. Let me know if you have.

If you'd like your plugin to be in the next release, send me the code and I'll incorporate it. Remember to credit yourself in the code and in the PluginAbout/Info functions.

If you write anything - let others know using the Tutorials/Resources forum.

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