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Default Re: 3ds or ac3d

as far as modeling goes, ac3d is much easyer.
the ways you control the perspective view in ac3d is much easy and fast than 3ds max.

heres some things i like/dislike about both:

Extrude tool
.the extrude tool in ac3d is better than 3ds max, Because you can extrude Multiple surfaces Together, where as 3ds, just lets you extrude along the surface normals(i hope thats clear)

Cutting tool
in 3ds, theres a cutting tool, wich is very nice(i like mayas better though), it makes organic modeling much faster.
in ac3d....i wish it had such a tool, it would make things much faster.

Editing in perspectice view
in ac3d, you cant move/scale/rotate/extude vertexs in the perspective view, but you can Select vertexs
in max, alot of the vertex editing is done in the perspective view. but in exchange, it makes it much harder to View your model, wich is the whole perpose of the perspective view.

Somthings i rly wish ac3d had...
selecting edge's - if ac3d stored edges internaly, it would make it possible to do operation like the Cutting tool, and subdivision crease values.
editing vertex's in the perspective view - holding downl a button (perhaps alt) would inable you to move/scale/rotate/extrude in the perspective view, although that might get a bit messy if you did it wrong, it would make ac3ds viewing system flawless.

for the price...ac3d owns max.

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