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Did you mean the command to be "ac3d tm_map_planar_gui"?

This will only work if you have added your own command to AC3D.

More likely, you need tm_map_planar_gui as the command - that will call the tcl procedure rather than send the command to the AC3D command handler.

check that the tcl file is really being run - put some 'puts "hello" in your tcl file.

Also - check the console for any errors.

Let us know how you get on.

The selection functions such as ac_selection_get_whole_surfaces_all() will never return surfaces from hidden objects.

If you are traversing the whole world hierarchy, use these to check:

Prototype Boolean ac_object_is_visible(ACObject *ob); // returns TRUE if object is not hidden or locked
Prototype Boolean ac_object_is_locked(ACObject *ob);
Prototype Boolean ac_object_is_hidden(ACObject *ob);
Note that hiding/locking is object based. It's not possible to hide individual surfaces.

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