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This is what the debug output says, when I try to run the plugin (tcl function name is now fgtm_gui):

1096535466.304319 : found a plugin? ('ac3d_texturemapper.p') - will try loading...1096535466.304322 : attempting to load plugin '/home/mikko/ac3dlx/plugins/ac3d_texturemapper.p'1096535466.304459 : sending command to TCL: source "/home/mikko/ac3dlx/plugins/ac3d_texturemapper.tcl"
1096535466.304578 : sending command to TCL: add_surface_menu_item "Map texture.." "ac3d fgtm_gui" "Texture mapper plugin"
1096535466.304681 : sending command to TCL: add_surface_menu_item "Map texture (hack).." "ac3d fgtm_texturemap_cubic " "Texture mapper plugin"
Texturemapper plugin - Mikko Rytkönen / FRACTiLE Games
1096535466.304722 : plugin /home/mikko/ac3dlx/plugins/ac3d_texturemapper.p OK!
1096535473.642997 : received command : 'fgtm_gui'
Segmentation fault

There is a puts command at the begining of fgtm_gui, which obviously doesn't get run.

I'm trying to do things as in centre.c/centre.tcl example. It also does "source centre.tcl" and then adds menu item that directly calls a function defined in the tcl script (in my case, the fgtm_gui). The function in centre.tcl script then calls a function defined in c file (selection_recentre), when apply button is clicked in the tcl dialog. Thats what I'm eventually trying to do..

And BTW, I was more interested on how to test the selected state than hidden state. I want to only process surfaces that are selected.
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