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Default Re: Final Rendering is Used For?

Originally Posted by Merrie
is rendering just used for a final display of the art?
Generally speaking, yes - for stand-alone animations and still scenes, rendering is generally one of the final steps in your workflow (aside from post-processing in image/video editors - depends on what you end up doing with the render).

For example, as I am working in game art, how essential is rendering (other then perhaps setting up your portfolo) in a game engine such as Torque Game Engine?
Rendering for game engines is another issue --- if your scenes and/or animations will be displayed in the game engine or as part of the game environment, then typically the game engine will take care of most or all of your rendering. If you're talking about rendering cut-scenes to be shown in-game, these may be done within the game engine, or, as in many cases, they are rendered using stand-alone packages and imported into the game as video clips.

A lot depends on where you're going with it, honestly...
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