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Thank you Dennis, I'm creating models of ships to be used in Teleplan, my customers spec for the models included this statement and before I began I need to know if I'm able to produce what they require. I have also been testing the 3ds export and have a query here.
I renamed a texture to meet the 8.3 rule and added the texture to an object, I copied the texture file into the same folder as the exported 3ds model. I then opened the 3ds using Caligari TrueSpace 3.2. Truespace asks me to "Locate 3DS SET File". I select cancel and I get a message 3ds texture maps will not be loaded.
I don't know what this is and the texture doesn't show. Even after rendering in TrueSpace.
Should I take this up with Caligari? I'm afraid that they might say it is AC3D ?!
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