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Question A Warp Function

Andy and Dennis,

I noticed in one of the examples or hints, see:
Dennis used the "knife" plugin to generate a slope on a cylinder.

I have done similar things by rotating a set verts (one end of a cylinder) by some very small angle (i.e., .00001 degrees) and then using the normal edit handles to stretch (or warp) the group to the desired angle.

It occurs to me that nothing happen to the verts, if they are not rotated first (the edit handles do nothing) this must be some special (but common) condition in the AC3D program logic (the verts are "colinear" in some plane).

What about detecting this status and performing a "warp" using the verts centroid as a pivot point, rotate all selected verts by some very small angle, and then allowing the user to stretching them an required - as a standard AC3D edit handle warp action?

Modifing cylinders (and other complex objects with more then just top and bottom verts) to have sloping ends would be a snap!

I hope this explains it well enough?

I can see where this would be very useful, and I would use it often. I am sure I could find other uses also.

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