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Aha. The way I've been doing that is just:

1. Make a cylinder x=1, z=1, y=n (for ease of calculation --- you can scale the whole thing later).

2. Select the set of verts at the top of the cylinder.

3. Rotate those verts 45 degrees (or whatever angle you want).

4. That move will taper the cylinder, of course. So just numerically set the size of the box containing the selected verts back to 1,1,1.

You can repeat the operation to make pipe runs, etc. Rotate the verts back to vertical for the end, and again resize, but this time the x dimension (in this case) is set to 0.

The calcs are little more complicated for angles other than 45, but not much.

PS: Thanks for that knife tool, Dennis. I use it all the time. I'm still a noobie, but I expect to find uses for some of your other plugins eventually.
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