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Specular Map

A specular map indicates the color and intensity of specular lighting on a per-pixel basis. A specular map that measures intensity only, and not color, is also referred to as a gloss map. Gloss maps are more common than colored specular maps.

In a specular or gloss map, bright pixels indicate areas that have high specularity while dark pixels indicate areas that have low specularity. Areas of the map that are colored black will appear less shiny than areas of the map that are colored white.

It is also possible to create a two-channel specular map that measures both intensity (brightness of the highlights) and power (size of the highlights). That is what I have done here for illustrative purposes. However, this type of map is unusual in practice at least in games. Typically only intensity is mapped. Power is controlled solely by the material settings.

This is the specular intensity (gloss) map:
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