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Default Re: Plug-in features for 3-d print modeling

Is it possible to switch selection modes from C++? I don't see a prototype in the SDK header but see a few candidate functions in the binary:
  • set_new_select_mode_ui
  • set_new_select_mode
  • add_undoable_change_select_mode
  • set_select_mode_ui %s
  • set_select_mode

I assume I should do something like:
add_undoable_change_select_mode("My Plugin thing");

But I don't know what the prototype should look like or which of the 4 sets is the 'best' to use?



(Extrude by normal switches to surface mode and leaves the new surfaces selected. I would like to emulate that. Also, in the watertightness plug-in I would like to switch to surface mode and leave any "bad" surfaces selected.)

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