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Default LineDraw / "outlined" surfaces

Hello Andy,
for some "special" realizations,
coming from "normal" CADs, I like to do my "exact base construction" with
"curved" LineDraw or Polyline or e.g. "double line(s)".

Then creating the single "segment" surfaces with Select Vertices,
Create Ordered Surface or Create Convex Surface and Merging.

A little bit arduous, but I get what I want

( I know, starting immediately with Rectangle/Mesh would be the "AC3D-way" :? )

The above mentioned problem is now
that the "outlining"-lines exist additionly to the surfaces (can be seen in their own colors, and I have no idea to select/delete them afterwards.

Is this a "stupid" way and not solvable?

Thanks for answer

Gogo (Greeting Smiley)
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