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Per is right ... you can use the boolean operations. However, as I have suggested elsewhere on this forum the results are not great in terms of vertices/surfaces created. See here for examples:

The easiest and cleanest way to cut a round hole through a cylinder is not to start with a cylinder at all ;-)

1. Create an ellipse for the outer diameter size, and click the *Poly* button so it shows as filled in the 3d view.
2. Go to File->Settings->"Make hole size". Set the diameter of inside hole as a % of outside diameter ... say 25%.
3. Go Surface->Make Hole
4. In Vertex or Surface mode, hilite the ring you now have and go Surface->Extrude (cap the end and don't remove the original).
5. In object mode, hilite the cylinder (with a hole through it) you now have and set it to one sided (1S)

There is another trick to doing same thing which would allow for holes to be different shapes ... but the above will do what you want.

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