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Default Re: SCRIPT: loading and saving background image configs

Ok this is weird but I got it to sort of work by accident.

In the work window under '2D' next to 'View' - I 'Set Background Image...' and position it. Then from the 'Tools' drop down menu I 'Save background image config'. The .acp file is created.

I save, quit and restart AC3D.

I open the file select 'Load background image config' and select the .acp file. I then get a drop down message 'Failed to load 'Users/..../image.jpg' as a background image' three times.

I was giving up.

BUT- then when I go to 'Set Background Image...' again all the position work I did has been saved.

I'm using AC3D 8.3.30 for Mac.

Related question- To move the image before I save it, I use 'cmd/shift arrow' but the progress can be excruciatingly slow if I have a large image to move a long distance. Is there a way to toggle the increments for larger to smaller?
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