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I have been wanting to learn Blender 2.8. I waited until 2.8 to came out. Even got a couple of books. Still plan on learning Blender, or at least try. But keep coming back to AC3D. Currently working on scenery objects for X-Plane 11.50 and later port it over to Trainz TRS 2019. I think that Blender might be of use after modelling in AC3D for TRS 2019 because of the texturing processes. But to me Blender seems to be gear more to character modelling, animation, movie making. I have tons of video tutorials for Blender, which is a plus. I am thinking about gradually making short (under 5 minutes) videos for AC3D, because I forget how to do some steps if I haven't used AC3D for awhile. Need to experiment with this. This shouldn't be much of a problem when I retire in a couple of weeks. Also started to make me my own manual (just the Help manual, but with added text and pictures).
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