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Default Re: New Plugin: "Show All Related Objects"

Originally Posted by Joko View Post
Hi folks,

I'm looking for a new plugin that I think would be helpful for x-plane modelling.
I have a complete 3D model of my aircraft, including all the objects with seperate textures. Then I use the pretty helpful plugin "select objects with texture" to hide all other object that doesn't have a specific texture. Then I export the model with the x-plane export plugin, wich only exports the visible objects .
Now to my plugin idea:
Unfortunately the "select objects with texture" plugin does not make the rotation axes and the "animation groups" visible, and therefore the axes and animation groups get not exported.

Is it possible for someone to write a small plugin, that makes every rotation axis in an animation group and the animation group itself with an object in it visible which is currently visible?

the hirachy would look like:

|_"object1" [visible]
|_"animation group" [invisible]
|...|_"rotation" [invisible]
|...|_"object2" [visible]
|...|_"animation group" [invisible]
|...|...|_"rotation" [invisible]
|...|...|_"object3" [visible]

Hope someone can help me.
Have you tried to select the texture objects and then shift-selecting rotation axes into hierarchy?
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