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Default Re: AC3D vs Cartography Shop

Hi all, i couldn't agree more with Mastamapper. I've use most of the packages that are mentioned. None come close to the ease of use of AC3D.
I use AC3D for making maps and models for my game engine. The file format is so easy to use or convert to your own format.

The only thing missing in AC3D for map makers is the lack of a texture Browser. Searching the texture list without a thumbnail is annoying especially when you've got 50 plus loaded textures. Andy tells me he'll be implementing some sort of texture properties box. This will allow you to click an item and have the texturename displayed somewhere.

A couple of years ago i mentioned AC3D on Gamedev as a superb low cost modeller. It suprises me that i havn't seen any mention other than my own.
I guess i'll have to head of over there and put up another post.


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