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k, ive completed my the basic terrain generator
still need to tweak it, add a few things, and fix a couple of bugs.

heres some screens of terrains imported into ac3d:

basic terrain, with water...

testing out the uv's...

two terrains 'stiched' together, then smoothed, texture = hieghtmap...

all the terrains are exported as quads, no textures.
mabye ill make it export as triangles later.

.if you notice on the last one, there are a couple of holes... beets me
they arnt there until i triangulate the terrain in ac3d, so im thinking it might be a bug in the triangulate comand, mabye.
if i dont triangulate, i end up with these nasty red sufaces, because the surface is 'bent' to much in the wrong direction.
.it supports .bmp files, but it freezes when they are 256x256 or bigger
i think this is because i make a vertex for every pixel of the bitmap, so 256x256 is quit a lot of vertex's.

id rly like to make this into a plugin, but im still trying ot figure out how to make a .dll file.
ive search for tutorials online, and came up with zero
anybody know of any site that would help me?

anyone have any ideas about what should be added in?
im thinking about making a 'sphereical' terrain mode, so you could make a 'world' with the terrain map.


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