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wow i must have been completely blind to have missed the DLL radio button. lol
k so i can make a .dll(or .p) but now im having problems with code

the code:
#include "ac_plugin.h"

AC3D_PLUGIN_FUNC int AC3DPluginInit()
return 0;
AC3D_PLUGIN_FUNC int AC3DPluginExit()
return 0;
AC3D_PLUGIN_FUNC char *AC3DPluginAbout()
return "";
i have the ac3d.lib included
it makes acTest.dll wich i change to acTest.p and drag into the plugins folder.

i get this message as ac3d boot:
AC3DPluginInit not found in plugin file D:\Program Files\AC3D4\plugins\acTest.p
plugin error 'AC3DPluginInit'
- The operation completed successfully.
all i want is to load my plugin into ac3d without getting this message, any ideas why its messing up?
is it because i have nothing in AC3DPluginInit()?

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