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Default Re: Get Rotation of a Group or Object

Originally Posted by conzar View Post
Humm. Seems like the above code rotates an object about the origin. How would I rotate it about the center of the object? I would like the same functionality as the rotate buttons on the left side bar.
You'll want to move the object to the origin, rotate it, then move it back to its original position. The rotation function exposed through the SDK doesn't handle the translation part of the equation.

Alternatively, you could call the code that AC3D uses when you use the left side bar rotate function. Check out the ac3d.tcl file in the "scripts" directory and look for "ac3d rotate_axis_angle". This snippet might help:

// Specify axis where 0 = x, 1 = y, 2 = z
int axis = 1;
float degrees = 90.0f;
tcl_command( "ac3d rotate_axis_angle %d %g", axis, degrees );
The above code should rotate the selected geometry 90 degrees around the Y axis, relative to the object/selection center. Note that this is off the cuff and untested.

Good luck
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