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Default Re: Porting the prim builder objects for use in other grids

Hey there..

There has been lots of discussions about this lately... especially on the LL wiki... however Linden has put a lot of thought into this and they are keeping the security model high in their list of priorities... which is why the initial tests showed their inventories are empty.

The LL asset server is still tightly controlled... and although they are working to link that with new grids they are still going to maintain their permissions system... it will simply be extended.

As for why they are doing all this? I don't know to be honest... but from what I have read they seem to agree that the future of online metaverses relies on there being some kind of interopability... they aren't always going to be the only virtual world supplier... and they must think that they need to make this kind of jump to stay in the market..

As for any kind of mesh import into OpenSim... there isn't one.. we have export/import in XML format for transfering items but thats about it... I know RealXtend has been working on a mesh importer lately so it might happen.

I've not used AC3D yet... so I don't know the full extend of it's capabilities other than those I've seen listed on the website... specifically the box, triangle and sculpty exporters.. which, from the videos I see on youtube, require copy/paste into a prim generator in SL... its that generator I was thinking of in my original post...

Anyways... as you said! all interesting stuff!

Keep up the good work!


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