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Default Re: Is the a max to the surface indices?

Well, it took a while, mainly because it touched on areas of geometry I haven't discovered until now (barycentric space), but I have something that seems to be working.

I've tested it successfully with a cube, so far (not sure how I'll verify the results with anything more complex), but it works.

It's a span algorithm, perhaps not the most intelligent, but it works quite nicely and has a margin of error of up to 1.08% by default tested with an axially aligned 1x1x1 cube.

It should be noted that when the cube is rotated, the margin of error drops an order of magnitude to 0.28%. I'm not entirely sure why (speculating overscan), but happy I got it working.

I'll need to test against several other easily calculable geometric figures and once I'm satisfied, I'll call it good! This may very well be the second program in my life I actually finished.

I'd celebrate with Heinekens, but that's what slowed me down.

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