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I never would have thought to do it that way, pretty innovative. You can try this for starters: After creating a header file just select your floor and bring up the object property box. Put in this statement:

finish { F_MetalD }

The "D" stands for the level of reflectivity. Those settings range from A to E and E being the shiniest.
There are all kinds of settings and effects that you can do and everything that I've mentioned in the Pov for newbies section is not even half of it. I've been playing around with it and trying to figure out a way to generate realistic smoke. My thought was that if I create a scene using the wasp, I'd like to be able to make a smoke trail coming off of the engine. I know it can be done, so I'll keep piddling around till I figure it out.
Of all the manuals that I've come across, there's none that tell you how to set up your modeling program to render to Pov-Ray. Evey manual is from the perspective of creating an entire scene from within Pov-Ray.......very irritating.
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