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Default Re: Improved OBJ import

It does look like colored surfaces aren't imported correctly into AC3D from OBJ files (just tested this). This looks like something that definitely needs to be addressed.

The problem with "breaking up" objects in the OBJ importer is due to the way geometry is stored in an OBJ file versus the way AC3D handles geometry.

The "parts" in an OBJ file may point to vertices that belong to different "parts". In AC3D, a vertex can only belong to one object. So, the "parts" have to be merged into a single object in order for shared vertices to be recognized. Without this, you'd end up with vertices being duplicated, and smoothing across different parts would no longer work (you'd end up with seams).

Assuming you're using AC3D 6:

In your example of importing a head and the eyes being all part of the same object, there is a workaround. Select one of the surfaces in the eye and perform an : Edit -> Select Surfaces -> Connected. Unless the eye is split for some reason, this will select all of the surfaces in the eye, and you can then do a : Surface -> Cut Away Object.

If you're on version 5, try this plugin:

Good luck
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