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Default Object Naming

Is there a way to have objects, lines, rect, etc name in order of creation? Like line1, line2 I have been doing this manually now because I have to export to 3ds and the 3ds format makes random assemblies of the objects and some normal flips in the process. It is a large problem at times.

Question 2

I have found that after making a model on AC3D when I do export to 3ds I get a lot of normal flips, the model is accurate in AC but after import I have many flipped normals.

Question 3

Since I have your attention. When I export to .obj format I get only one object, no matter what the settings are, write to object checked or un checked, all my objects have different names also. That is one reason that I have to export to 3ds to get the model in another app to get it to separate .obj for UV.

New to AC but have found it to be the easiest to get my ideas down as a model.

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