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Default To whoever is interested

Just wanted to let everyone know ( who's interested ) that I've redone my fan site. I think it looks a bit better, but it does contain frames ( just one ) so I hope you don't mind.
BTW, it was created mainly for Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher, so if you're not using that browser or using a compatible browser, the site may look a bit wierd.

EDIT: I've also just recently added a models section to the web site. If anyone is curious about how the "SW03 WASP" was made, now's your chance to find out. I'm not going to use it anymore for anything so I thought I'd start out the new section with something interesting. If anyone else has any models that they would like for for me to add, just zip it up and e-mail it to me
Just be sure that it's something that you would think someone would be interested in downloading and be sure there's no textures attached to it ( except for the standard AC3D colors ). This is just to insure that the file size is as small as you can make it. Be sure to give me the title name of the model and your name that you would like me to give credit to.
Try to keep the file size below 500 kilobytes or smaller.

Oops, almost forgot. Be sure to include a screenshot of your model ( 600x800 ) and keep that around 70 to 80 kilobytes or under.
Take a gander at my fan site Three D madness
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