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Hello, all !

I thought that perhaps my reasons for switching from AC3D to Blender and then back to AC3D might interest somebody.

In a former life I "used to use" AC3D quite a lot and I was known in this forum as thierry_st_malo.

Blender had a very attractive UI and boasted of very interesting features and in the end I switched from AC3D to Blender. And today Blender is really an excellent product. Problem : it has grown so much ( and is still growing ) that today it does "everything and the rest". And as a consequence it is now, in my opinion, painfully complex. For some particularly esoteric features I can't even understand what is spoken of ! As I create models with it I have to constantly battle with unwanted and tiresome features that I don't need, my objective being, as it always was, to produce good and satisfying models with a minimum of fuss.

And for this AC3D has really all that is required.

That's why I'm back here.
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