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Originally Posted by luuckyy
By "insert a vertex at A and B" I meant slice both beginning and ending surfaces ... You seem to think that this would not be possible, I suppose there are good reasons for that (unfortunately I know nothing in TCL programming
Well, the only problem is, suppose you had another "row" of surfaces above the selected "row" that was connected --- how would we know that we weren't supposed to insert a vertex there as well? In this example, we could take the direction of the selected surfaces, but what if we had a grid of surfaces with intersecting selections? We basically need to come up with a set of rules to meet the functional needs of any geometry/selections we can think of...

But even in that case, it would save a lot of time inserting vertices, selecting vertices, slicing surfaces
Agreed - if done right, you will be able to get what you need done without a lot of hassle...

I can't imagine how it would work with triangles.
It may work with triangles. Imagine if we'd selected the top of the cylinder in the image a couple of posts up and run this function --- it would create a circular slice along the edges... of course, I haven't put too much thought into that, so...

I've played a bit with your 2 models coming with version 6 ... very very nice job you've done.
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