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Default Re: T.C.E suggestion.

Nice Dennis ... though I never have had any problems ... but then I'm usually trying to reduce the size rather than go upto 2048x2048 ;-) I actually like UVMapper for a whole number of reasons and use it alot.

There does appear to be a little ... er ... misunderstanding about 'bump map' and '.bmp'.

.bmp is a file format for images .... like gif or jpg etc.

A 'bump map' creates the illusion that a surface is rough or bumpy. It is usually a grayscale image that defines the intensity (amount) of the roughness/bumpiness. Some 3d software allow multiple images on an object and these can be a 'colour map', a 'bump map', a 'specularity map', a 'displacement map' etc. AC3D does not (unless there has been a revolution in the updates to V6).

The TCE in AC3D allows you to create an image which is a map of the *texture coordinates* .... an image that defines the triangles/rectangles (using screen capture, copy to clipboard or now Dennis's plugin). It does *not* create 'bump maps' ... you have to create those from your coordinate map, or by other means. When all maps have been created you have to assemble them in a 2D graphics program that supports layers then combine and flatten the layers in the most pleasing manner.

That is why I asked about the geometry paint (see thread) ... the possibility mentioned in the AC3D review. Usually such programs work with a 'layered' image ... if such a program is on the cards for AC3D then the possibility of having colour/bump/specularity layers etc exists .... as well as possibly creating them in AC3D.


PS: Wonders when Dennis gets time to model given the number of plugins he creates
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