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Default Re: T.C.E suggestion.

Originally Posted by griff
but then I'm usually trying to reduce the size rather than go upto 2048x2048 ;-)
Ugh - 2048x2048 is actually rather ugly in AC3D. I've never actually formally complained about this, but AC3D is rather slow to load large images. So much so that I create 2 sets of textures when I'm modeling. One set is of low resolution textures (128x128) that I use when modeling in AC3D. When I export to other apps/renderers, I swap these out for large formats. Would be nice if AC3D was quicker to load these big images, and I wouldn't have to swap out the textures.

PS: Wonders when Dennis gets time to model given the number of plugins he creates
Now that you mention it, so do I.....
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