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Default Re: Suggestions / TGA Bug / RealFlight G3.x (KEX) support

Please consider adding pivots! As stated above, there's not much that's missing in AC3D to create models for RealFlight. As far as I can see, only the following three things are missing:

1) Support for 3d pivots as described

2) Support for assigning names to materials (e.g. the materials named ~CANOPY are displayed two sided and considering the alpha channel in RealFlight). Should be cake. At the moment, AC3D seems to support only material numbers.

3) Real hierarchy support. While AC3D is able to somewhat preserve the imported hierarchy of a 3DS file, it doesn't seem to be possible to create parent-child relationships, but only groups. E.g. it's not simply possible to move one object "below" another object in the hiearchy. I guess the only way would be to create some dummy object and group them, but this is quite a hassle (and there don't seem to be explicite "NULL" objects).

In the mean time I found that there really are translational "gizmos", but only in the 3D view and hardly visible. There are no rotation gizmos though. Maybe it would be a good idea to introduce the same (colored) translation/rotation gizmos as in 90% of other 3D modellers. Translation/rotation gizmos and pivot are usually more or less the same thing, so this would be a logical step when introducing pivots anyway.
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