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Default Re: So, if I was to...

Well I'm a man who believes that a person should be rewarded for the fruits of his labor. I still don't know how much of a demand there is out there for an animation plug-in for AC3D, but if you could do a good job at it and support your plug-in, then why not.

It would only be right that Andy receive royalties for every plug-in that you sell because if it wasn't for AC3D, there wouldn't be a program to make a plug-in for.

You would have to consider price as well because the program itself is around 50.00 bucks so I couldn't see charging 10.00 which would be a fifth of the price of the entire program.

I'm still not sure where Andy stands on making an animation package for AC3D. Might be best to talk to him about it.
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