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When you export to a .3ds file you must note the following.

1) Materials are turned into objects when using the 3ds format.
Therefore if you have 3 materials you will end up with 3 objects when you save to a 3ds file format.
Make each object a separate material when saving to a 3ds format.
Example: If you have a car with 4 objects (frontbumper, rearbumper, roof, body)
Assign materials as follows:
frontbumper >> material#1
rearbumper >> material#2
roof >> material#3
body >> material#4

Assign a (short lettered) texture to each of the four objects, map it correctly, and then save as 3ds format.

2) 3ds files require you to use textures (or maps) which are named with 5 letters and 3 digits maximum.
Therefore if you have a black texture from photoshop that use want to assign to an object you should name the texture in photoshop as something like Black123.bmp or Blac12.bmp and not Blackness4567.bmp

If your textures have more than the maximum acceptable characters your texture name stored in the 3ds file will get renamed and your object may get changed. You will get odd results.
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