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Default Background images

Wonderful, I am constantly amazed at what this program can accomplish for its price.

What I now am able to do is make three digital photos of an object (top, front and end view) and place them on their respective backgrounds in AC3D and use them to develop a 3D image.

A great time saver as I don't need precise CAD like images for some of the drawings I develop, if I do then I plot the images in precise detail in a CAD program, but not when I need a basic image quickly.

By quick tracing the AC3D photo background images and with a little adjustment work the image can be saved and transfered (Using ScreenPrint 32) to Paint Shop Pro for the rest of the work, just great. (It appears to only work with Gifs, not Jpgs?, no matter Gifs are fine)

I, in fact, finished one this morning. Thanks.
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