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Default Re: Apply Textures After Subdivision Preview is Calculated

Well, it may be a personal preference to do it one way, but you still have to deal with things as they are. And, every time you remap an object in the TCE, you get results based on whatever level of subdivision you have going at the time. That only makes logical sense. You can't expect the TCE to show you levels of subdivision you haven't committed to, or haven't performed, can you?

What you can try is, if it's only a certain area that's important, just select those surfaces and remap them from the desired angle. Still, this is going to create distortion because you're not going to get "agreement" on where vertices and surfaces meet. But, if the distortion is minor, you can always (painstakingly) work within the TCE to "snap together" vertices and restore visual order that way. Try it, it might work for you. However, it's never going to be preferable to just committing to a final remapping whenever you have to.

Also, your idea of saving various versions of your model is a GREAT idea. File sizes for AC3D files are small, so it's no skin off your nose to have five or six versions of a working model. When I use AC3D to build aircraft, I save a "bookmark" model at each important stage once I'm satisfied with it. So, I'll save a "fuselage" version, a "wings" version, a version with "wheel wells and landing gear cut out", etc. So, if I get further down the road and figure I've totally blown it past a certain point, I can always revert to that earlier version and just start from that interim point, hopefully applying any lessons I've just learned from my recent mistakes. Better to have to redo a major process with new knowledge than to go through the hassle of trying to fix something you've irrevocably "fubared". Or, to have to totally start over from scratch!

One thing you said in your post is important: "seeing textures on the fly". It's true that it's a good thing to be able to get a rough idea of how a texture will or won't work as you model... but, if you have an expectation that what you're seeing is a "rough idea" and won't be a finished process until you actually finish all your subdividing and mesh editing... well, then this all works properly. Said another way, realize that until you commit to your final mesh, you won't be able to commit to a final texture mapping either.
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