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Default Audi R8 concept boat for Second Life

Ok here is a few pictures of the Audi R8 boat. I know its not exact but didnt really wanna do too close of a replica of the car. This is a boat after all lol. This started out like all my other builds in second life until my building freind showed me a mesh model R8 in Second life. My heart sank at the time and I knew I had to learn mesh modeling. I was depressed becuase the car he showed me was fantastic and I felt i was ages behind again in learning new model building. Thank God for AC3D, and Andy. lol. So i then began making and learning all i could on mesh making. So here are a couple photos of the build. There are a lot more in my albums if anyone ever looks there. I have no idea if people ever look at them. So here you go.

This boat had cool gull wing doors. They will open and close with a left mouse click.

Here is the rear V10 motor. The hatch can also be opned and closed with a click of your mouse. By far this is one of the best handleing boats we have build. We adjusted her scripting to be easier for people to drive around in Second Life. Great sounds and overall looks are making this a popular boat to have. After all the work we have put into her I'm happy about that too.
hope you like.
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