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Default Does AC3D have these features?

Sorry for the rather vague title.

I'm looking at buying AC3D but want to determine if it has a few features I'd like which I've looked for in the online manual but couldn't confirm.

* Does it have a "measure" tool to find the distance between points?
* Is there a 2D circle tool?
* Is there a 2D arc tool?
* Can I draw a shape using lines providing lengths to get sizes perfect like sketchup? If so, can I lock the creation of a line or shape to the x/y or z plane?
* Are there any recent videos anywhere showing UV mapping? I've watched one where someone textures a pizza box, but I can't find anything recent showing texturing of a more complicated object. My goal here is to see how complicated it is to texture something with some relatively complex curves, and to see how to use the current features of AC3D to make texturing easier. Can I put seams where I want to cut the model etc.
* Can I do the same thing like in sketchup where if you draw / move / resize / etc part of your model, you can type in a value straight afterwards and it adjusts what you did to match the value? e.g. If I move an object by a little bit on the x axis, if I then type "2" it changes how far I moved the object to move it by exactly 2 units.


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