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Default Re: Sword of Omens for 3D Printer WIP

Bah, perfectionism sucks when you aren't willing to let yourself be lazy. Pretty much decided to completely redo the pommel, which means the entire grip is getting redone. Which then means the faceplates around the eye aren't going to be good enough in comparison, which means I'll have to redo that inner core as well...

So yeah, basically throwing out everything I did this week and redoing it all because little things that only I would ever see weren't perfect.

Normally my real world projects get to the point where I'm too lazy to start over again and I just make do with what I've done. Having limited physical resources helps there too. Not so with digital. Only thing I waste by scrapping 2/3rds of a project is time...

Below you can see where I've redone the basic geometry of the pommel, redone the rhinestone socket, and started mapping out on the polygons the general shape of where to make the cuts that will become the various nubs, ridges, and ringwork. Pink will be a raised feature, while the blue is the exact wedge that will be rotated 72 degrees each so that I only have to do one set and then rotate it around to get the full repeating pattern all the way around.
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