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Default naming the materials

Hi all, long time no see... but even though my work coopted the best part of my time, I never actually stopped updating and using AC3D.

Now I'm facing a minor but annoying problem: as I export in .obj format the materials are named "acmat0", 'acmat1', 'acmat2' and so on, 1-to-1 with the standard mats as long as no textures are involved and no new mats were defined, apparently at random as soon as things start to grow more complicated.
Then in the final application I still have to find out what is what (by selectively hiding each part), pencil-write down a correspondence table, run a dumb program I contrived to rename the mats, and eventually reload it all.
Neither difficult nor challenging but undeniably boring and time-consuming.

It would be so much easier to have the possibility of calling each mat, say, "brass", "light wood", "dial", "you name it" directly within AC3D, and then having them exported with the proper names, which would make any further retouching or retexturing a walk on the beach.

Is there any hope?
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