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hello Andy,

i am using Windows 10
and i have the latest drivers installed from amd 20.4.1
no Andy i not see at all the tce window when i want to open
this texture editor as soon is hang for a little and the program
quit after a min of so , when looking into the AC3D info console where you can see that is everyting loading and plugins are loading and stuff this going write so much
after i do so when want to try open the texture editor but the strange thing is you dont see anything it write only going crazy downwards the list and then boom
the program stops and quit.

i using only the plugin from xplane and also the update version of it in this new version of AC3D .

i upload some picture and in the last you see my point that going insane downwards if you looking to the right where my mouse are this is the top of this list .

i don't know what to do may it can be solved i hope for unwrap my models again

greetings dani

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